Created with passion for your Good Health

We are dedicated to creating the healthiest, most delicious plant protein for your enjoyment.

Created with passion for your Good Health

We are dedicated to creating the healthiest, most delicious plant protein for your enjoyment.
Only the finest quality Non GMO ingrdients are used to replicate many varieties of meat.
SPA Foods meat alternatives are suitable for meat lovers, meat reducers, vegetarians and vegans.

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A Message from our Founder

Sawasdee Ka,
Since childhood, I attempted several times to give up eating meat It was
after losing my mother to cancer that I succeeded: I could no longer be
a part of taking life. We have to be apart from those we love, whether in
life or death. I cherish the memory of my mother and am blessed that she
taught me to care and be grateful to others.

In 1991 I founded. “The Vegetarian Cottage”‘ fine dining restaurant to
my mother’s memory, It is now “Spa Foods by the Vegetarian Cottage
It continues to be the finest meat free restaurant in Thailand. Currently
there are five SPA Foods restaurants. The latest is I-Foods, which
specialises in offering personalised nutrition.

By trial and error I began to create meat alternatives. At frst I used
mushrooms and wheat gluten as ingredients. I learned from criticisms
how to improve. One customer (a professor from the USA) advised me
that although my food tasted great, nutritionally it was poor.

We constructed a dedicated factory to meet demand, maintain quality
and guarantee hygiene.

Through studying, following scientifc research and doctors advice,
I developed a healthy, nutritious plant protein: SPA (Soy Protein
Advanced) Foods is delicious and makes it easy to adopt a plant based
diet. This is achieved by emulating the textures of many different meats,
ish and seafood. I am now also tesearching other plant proteins.

In 2002 there was worldwide concern over the safety of GMO, I paused
production to investigate. I found there were no identifiable health risks,
but its safety was not guaranteed. For the good health of my consumers,
I made the decision to only use Non GMO.

The only problem, with soy is that many blame it for destroying
rainforests. This is only because so much is grown for animal feed.

My studies towards a nutritionist qualification proved what | be
ly are you what you eat, but also so important that you
enjoy what you eat.

Your support not only helps me contribute to stop cruelty to animals and
tect the environment, but also benefits the underprivileg
chronic disease sufferers. Please invite others to join

By doing this, our reward will be to enjoy better health in mind, body an
conscience. If you are a chronic disease sufferer, let me assist you to enjoy
a better quality of life.

Togetber we can make a real difference.

Remember, not only are you what you eat, but you should also enjoy
what you eat.

May your kindness bless you.
“Teeranard Chokwatana”

Founder of Nutrition House
& The Vegetarian Cottage


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Visits Leeds University Institute of Psychological Sciences.
Making a Contribution to Dr Kate Allen, Executive Director
Congratulation for Our Founder, Chicago, United States